Bibi Vin Diesel

It’s two weeks from election day and I am just beginning to see the first billboards for re-electing our Prime Minister in my beautiful home town of Afula.

He played this election like a seasoned pro. He kept his emotions at bay. He waited for the last moment to create a sensation that will only die out once everyone cast their vote, and he did it with minimal effort so he can run the country, fight vicious accusations being made against him, and promote our interests to the entire world.

His campaign reminds me of the movie series The Fast and the Furious. It’s about cars. The characters would have a race lasting about 20 seconds. There would be 4 souped up cars, all holding Nitrus oxide (Nos) in their engines. You could push a button and get this blast of super sonic speed for around 6 seconds.

The newcomers, like Bibi’s opponents, pressed their Nos button early and took a big. It looked like there would be a new sheriff in town for the first time in a decade.

There is a reason why our Prime Minister outlived Obama.

He didn’t flinch. Even as the polls had him losing, he stayed cool — never letting statistics touch his judgment.

Just like the seasoned driver, he picked his spot. The fans in the seats see a new champion about to emerge with 4 seconds to go in the race. The seasoned pro, with a small grin on his face, know it’s time to make his move. He pushes the Nos button with the finish line right in sight, and blasts past the opposition just at the last second.

The fans saw an amazing comeback, but the driver planned it all along. The moment Lapid and Ganz made their move, it was all over. Bibi would have them checkmated in 4 moves.

With 2 weeks to go in the election, posters of Bibi sprang up everywhere. American President Donald Trump recognized Israeli control over the Golan Heights. Russian president Vladimir Putin graciously returned the body of IDF hero Zachary Baumel, missing after 37 years. Without any opposition, our Prime Minster pledges to annex East Israel — if re-elected.

All in the final 2 weeks of the campaign.

Bibi pressed the button knowing that anything sooner would fizzle out before we went to the ballot box.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu demonstrated why he may be the greatest leader in the history of the State of Israel: He outlasted an American President ravenous for his hide, and outwitted three IDF Chiefs of Staff.

A man with that skill can sit is the right fit for the captain’s chair of the Jewish Nation.

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