Hatari Shows Us Who Really Supports Palestine

If G-d is with us, who is with them?

Some 360,000 people live in Iceland, you think they couldn’t have sent to Israel to perform in Eurovision people you wouldn’t be mortified to introduce to your mother?

This music band is nothing more than a band of transvestites, devil worshippers, and monsters. What message do they send by waving the flag of the Arabs of East Israel?

A pretty clear one.

The song they sung to get invited to the Eurovision was called Hate Will Prevail. Not exactly a ode to harmony among men. They vowed to boycott Israel because of their passion about the Arab cause, but when they were dangled with the raw meat of fame and fortune, they charged on all fours to Tel Aviv.

At the end of the contest, they displayed flags of the enemies of the Jewish People.

They did what very few liberal progressives are known for: They sent a clear and direct message to the world.

What Did They Say?

Other than telling the 204 million people who tuned in that they are in need of some serious therapy, they told us who is the true backer of the Arabs of East Israel.

It’s the same force that backs these demons.

The Devil.

Somehow, the Devil isn’t talked about lately. I guess he doesn’t use Facebook. He exists. He fuels the fires of darkness in this world and stands to embolden everything evil in our reality. He feeds off of our darkness and does everything in his power to make us do wrong to increase that darkness everywhere.

Isn’t that Hatari in a nutshell? Their song is about hate. Their band members are open Sodomites.  They look like devil worshippers and support a political movement that pays its people to kill innocent women and children.

That sounds like the work of the devil to me.

Don’t they represent everyone who supports the Arabs of East Israel? They all stand for Sodomy. They all stand for hypocrisy. They all hate G-d in one form or another. They all justify, promote, even support and enable outright murder of the innocent.

The primary backer of Palestine is the Devil and those who support this cause are his agents, whether they are aware of it or not.

What We Know

What do we read in the Book of G-d, hundreds of times from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Deuteronomy? The Primary Supporter of Israel is G-d Himself. He sends miracles every day to the Jewish State as it thrives even surrounded by 400 million Arabs hacking each other to death on the streets of Syria, Yemen, and Libya.

G-d blesses those who bless His children.

Take a look at The Honorable President Donald J. Trump. Never in American history has more money, power, and force been directed at his downfall. He recognized Jerusalem as the Eternal Capital of Israel. Look at the blessing he receives! His country is wealthier than ever. It is more powerful than ever. No attack on his presidency has made a dent.

Those who stand with Israel, and all she is created to represent, stand with G-d. Those who don’t, stand with murderers and monsters. They are Satan’s useful idiots.

You Can Make This Stuff Up

“There is a reason why anyone has to swallow hard and think twice about participating in this media ecosystem,” South Bend Mayor Peter Buttigieg said on his reason for appearing on Fox TV. 

At least he knows what he is talking about.

David Ben Horin is the author of The Great Life Hack. He also developed Aliyah Bootcamp for anyone considering life in Israel. He lives in Afula, Israel with his family.

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